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Get clarity and gain traction in your business with a set of simple, proven operating tools.


​Are you...

  • Experiencing a lack of control over your business?  

  • Struggling with people and how to manage them?

  • Unable to grow profits? 

  • Hitting a ceiling and not sure to break through?


I teach leadership teams a proven system with simple tools to help you:​

  • Get your team 100% on the same page with your vision

  • Create discipline and accountability throughout your organization 

  • Attract the right people to your organization 

  • Use data to keep an absolute pulse on your business

  • Get the most important things done the right way every time

  • Run more productive and effective meetings

The Executive Toolkit  provides the tools you need  to run a better business and live a better life.


I'm a lifelong entrepreneur who's seen failure and success. 

My passion is helping leadership teams experience the profound positive impact an operating system can have on their businesses, their lives, and the lives of their employees.

Combining 20 years as an entrepreneur with my unique abilities as a facilitator, I bring clarity and focus to the tough conversations that teams must have to execute on their vision with discipline and accountability.
For 13 years, I led an award-winning creative agency that helped some of Canada‘s top leadership teams define complex user experience and branding requirements for critical business applications.
I first stumbled upon EOS when that business grew beyond a dozen employees, and I began to feel that I was losing control – the business was running me rather than the other way around. Implementing EOS brought us the structure and clarity we needed to prioritize and address the issues that were holding us back.
After selling that business, I went on to co-lead a consumer products company with my wife that grew from our living room into a multi-million dollar brand, SoYoung, which is sold through major retailers across North America.
I began sharing my experience with EOS in my work as an author and mentor to other entrepreneurs and today I bring this transformational knowledge to growth-oriented leaders and their teams in my role as a Professional EOS implementer.



"Jeremy is an excellent coach. He taught us valuable tools and has been incredible in helping us make progress on our business"

Grace Paik
Jaq Jaq Bird


"Jeremy was able to teach us how to identify and work through many of the issues that we had been struggling with for years. He has made a big difference!"

Ben McHugh



"Our business would not be where it is today without Jeremy's contribution. He taught us with systems and practical tools that have allowed us to grow from the inside out."

Catherine Choi


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